Our Mission

Learn. Build habit. Win over gout.

While thе gout arthritis is a manageable condition through diet, one of the most difficult tasks as per people's busy day life is switching our mindset to follow properly a regimen.

“Gout” Foundation registered in Bulgaria with ID 206014973 is a non-profit organisation in public benefit, which carries out only non-commercial activities in accordance with its mission to simplify the gout information and diet, so we can help more people handle this condition and live happily.

At the “Gout” Foundation our mission is to help people:


What is gout, what are the symptoms, how serious is, and what are the related conditions to it.


Structure and provide basic meaningful and most important - understandable information for maintaining the gout condition.

Be aware

Proactively work toward public awareness of gout disorder and keep all interested people in the loop of the latest innovations.

Build habit

Help people build habits in an understanding of gout diet, hydration, stress management and other aspects of life that cause this condition.