14 Sep 2020

Gout Diet

We can say, limiting the foods that cause and trigger gout is a must for people with high serum uric acid (SUA). There is no question about it. And while the most effective approach to treating gout is considered via medications, there is a suggested relationship between limiting purine-rich foods and reducing SUA, as per one recent survey conducted in 2012(1).

What is the problem with restricting certain foods? As some of us might have experienced gout flare attacks, even after we know that gout is not a light condition and can significantly affect our lives, it is still tough to follow the general guidelines of what to eat and what not to eat. And it’s tough because, as normal humans, we have a plethora of other activities going through our minds. Requiring to remember several foods to avoid might work for a while, but since these foods are used in so many recipes, this effort turns into a constant compromise, and it becomes irrelevant soon.

Is there any specific gout diet, then? In one more recent study (2), the researchers examine the DASH diet (a well-established diet that lowers blood pressure) and sodium intake levels and their effect on SUA. And while the study is limited (103 people), it adds insights that back-up the theory that a balanced diet is beneficial for gout patients. 

Why is the DASH diet research important? The study on the DASH diet might not be ultra-detailed, and as the researches state, it is limited in several ways. However, the research gives us the idea of a balanced diet. With the help of a nutritionist, it might become a solid foundation for developing a specific gout-friendly regime. At the same time, the diet itself has shown a beneficial impact on the SUA. And we know a diet might be hard to follow, but the DASH is a pretty simple and straightforward guideline for healthy eating and can be adapted quickly.

Ok, but where’s my gout diet? We spent some time researching the way we can turn the above idea into a brief one-week diet. After consulting with a professional nutritionist, analyzing the most widespread, gout-friendly, easy-to-cook ingredients and the DASH principles, we have created a gout friendly diet! 

You can download our 7-day Gout Diet from the blue accent form on the right side menu. If you’re on mobile is just below this article, so keep scrolling. The diet is completely free. If you like it or dislike it, we want to ask you – click on the vote in the pdf you’ll get. We really rely on you to get an honest opinion and adjust what we do to be really useful for you.

1) Purine-rich foods intake and recurrent gout attacks, PMID: 22648933, DOI: 10.1136/annrheumdis-2011-201215

2) Effects of the Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet and Sodium Intake on Serum Uric Acid, PMID: 27523583, DOI: 10.1002/art.39813

Free 7-day Low Purines Diet

Hey, did you know that we've developed easy to follow 7-day Diet? Grab it for free here:

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Free 7-day Low Purines Diet

Hey, did you know that we've developed easy to follow 7-day Diet? Grab it for free here: