04 Jan 2024

Happy New Year! Let’s start the new 2024 with your very own Gouty Arthritis resolution.

Hi, dear friends and supporters of the GoutBye Foundation! Happy New Year!

I, Martin Tomov, the Founder of GoutBye, am writing this message as a personal statement and a reflection on the past year and what to expect in 2024. First, let me start with the statement that I have high uric acid, and I am just like you. The struggle that everyone is experiencing is the same for me. I had the good and the bad moments; I got multiple gouty arthritis flares and I know what the pain is. The desire to beat gouty arthritis led me to create the GoutBye Foundation. And, despite all the expenses and the fact I run the whole foundation voluntarily by myself, and the help of my wife and a couple of friends, I am grateful to see the positive impact of our work and dedication!

For the past few years, more than 4400 people have downloaded our 7-day Gouty Arthritis Diet, and more than 2500 people participated anonymously in our survey “Do you have Gouty Arthritis”. We have received a lot of positive feedback, which motivates us further to keep to our mission and strive to educate more and more people!

As a personal achievement, I can say that doing the Foundation work for our articles helped me dig deeper into the latest research studies on arthritis and build a personal program. I did not have flares for the last 3 years, and I have made a simple resolution to start within the new 2024, which might help you achieve better results by yourselves, too:

  • Drink water. I do 2-3 litres per day, and I would admit it costs me a lot of effort to keep it persistent. But the results are awesome. I feel really good and I believe this is one of the main reasons I stopped getting flares.
  • Ditch sugary drinks, soda, beer and spirits. Yep, I was an avid beer drinker a few years ago, and maybe this was the one thing I was missing most. However, leaving beer, whisky and soda had a great effect on my body – not only because I stopped being dehydrated from the alcohol, but also got a positive effect on sleep and my body weight. I am still 104-106kg. but have stopped at this weight for the last 5-6 years now and feel great.
  • Practice some sports or just walk. 10k steps per day can make wonderful changes to your organisms. I highly recommend walking. Me, personally – I am training for two days of Wing Tsung and two to three days of swimming. The total time spent “sweating” is around 5-6 hours weekly, and the sports keep my joints in motion, preventing the accumulation and inflammation of the purine crystals.
  • Food. This is the trickiest part. We have on the site a 7-day recipe to serve as an idea generator for you on what you can eat with low purine containment. I have received some comments from users that the diet is hard to follow as the ingredients are not the ones they use day-to-day. And I understand this; however, it comes with additional regional, national and multi-cultural complications. At the same time, I feel the same – I would really love to have an easier way to maintain my healthy nutrition, not only through ideas but constantly. This really got me thinking: can I improve the gouty arthritis patients’ lives in some way, using the latest technological achievements like artificial intelligence and machine learning so that we can have a personalized experience tailored to our needs? This will be another mission I will pursue in the next couple of years, and will keep you updated, but the initial research is really promising. So stay tuned and for now, search for a list with low-purine foods, or grab our free diet! 🙂
  • Medication. If your doctor has prescribed you a medication for maintaining your urine acid levels – strive to follow it and combine it with all of the above options. This will reduce gouty flares, flush out the crystals, and help you have a normal life.

I know – all of the above sounds pretty easy until you start following these, but actually, you can start a little and build gradually from there ( I started with going to swim once per week and raised the bar up to 5 times per week sometimes – It just feels so good). Walking is the easiest option, with a strict water intake schedule and watching what you eat.

Although we have a donation option to help our GoutBye Foundation strive and develop further, I will not pledge you to donate. For me it’s more important to hear back from you – you can always send a message to me directly via our site form and I’ll do my best to reply back. I wish you a healthy 2024! 🙂

Kind Regards,
Martin Tomov


Free 7-day Low Purines Diet

Hey, did you know that we've developed easy to follow 7-day Diet? Grab it for free here:

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Free 7-day Low Purines Diet

Hey, did you know that we've developed easy to follow 7-day Diet? Grab it for free here: