27 Dec 2021

Merry Christmas, and Happy 2022!

Dear fellows, 

It’s this time of the year – time for reflection of the year that ends, time for family and friends, time for relaxation. Thank you for your continued support of our cause – to keep more people informed about what gout is and how to manage this condition.

We’ve been under the radar in 2021, but this was for a purpose. While you can benefit from our 7days diet to help you understand basic steps in improving your nutrition and have published a few articles with hydration and nutrition advice, we’re making something much more significant for 2022! 

Let me reveal what’s cooking for the next year:

  • The authors at GoutBye have many new articles on their way currently being prepared and designed. They will cover more healthy building habits for people with gouty arthritis – hydration, sport, psychological treatment. We will keep all the articles based on actual research results and oriented towards the easy language to understand and follow the advice in them.
  • Our devs are developing a personal assistant that helps you track many aspects of your condition and help you and researchers identify ways to improve and maintain gout. We’ve been working on this fascinating project for years now, and we hope 2022 will be the year we will finally release it. If you want to be one of the early participants, just register for our newsletter so you can follow our progress and take part in this awesome experience!
  • We will introduce in 2022 ways to allow you to help us by providing links on our site to donation options.

Personally, this is a critical mission, as I have the same fight as you. I know what you’re through, and I’m struggling to reduce my gout flares and have a better life as well. The reward for having any of our articles, diets, or other services helping you to achieve relief and improve your life, it’s incomparable to anything else! Thank you for being with us!

Exciting times are ahead of us, and I wish you calm, bright, and happy festivities!

Martin Tomov
Founder of Gout Foundation Bulgaria

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Free 7-day Low Purines Diet

Hey, did you know that we've developed easy to follow 7-day Diet? Grab it for free here: